"BankMobile Disbursements" - Student Refund Preference

CTC and BankMobile (formerly HigherOne) have partnered to expedite and streamline all student refunds--giving the student full control of how his or her refund is received.

All registered students with a valid address and phone number in CTC’s registration database are issued a BankMobile Personal Access Code. You must ensure that your address on file is accurate and that it is a valid address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as USPS cannot forward the access code to a different address.

Please note: All students must receive an access code and choose 'how' to receive a refund. The BankMobile Refund Selection kit that you receive in the mail contains the information you need to go online and select your refund preference. This process is for all students, not solely financial aid recipients.

Follow the instructions that come with the access code to select "how" you wish to receive any refund(s) due to you:

  • 1. Direct deposit into your personal bank account, or
  • 2. Free BankMobile Vibe Account (Mastercard debit card), or
  • 3. Paper check.

Refunds will be delayed if you do not select "how" to receive your refund. Rest assured you will receive your refund, but if you don't actively select "how" to receive it, it will be delayed.

If the student elects to use the BankMobile Vibe Account as their refund preference, BankMobile is associated with the Allpoint automated teller machines (ATMs) and have numerous locations near each campus. A list of locations is available at https://bankmobilevibe.com/ and are available for students to use with no associated use fees. As well, all students should be advised of the fees associated with the BankMobile Vibe account use. A list of fees can be found at https://ctconecard.vibeaccount.com/studentaccount/feeschedules.do.

Please note that if a student is assessed fees by BankMobile as a result of overdrawn accounts, use of non-Allpoint ATM’s, etc., the student must communicate directly with BankMobile. CTC has no access to this type of information regarding a student’s account and cannot intervene on a student’s behalf. As well, CTC does not have access to view balances on accounts. Staff can only view what refunds have been issued--not where users have spent funds.