Internet Use Guidelines

Chattahoochee Technology College provides Internet access to facilitate communications in support of research and education with the use of computers and other web enabled devices.


Eligible students and employees must be in support of and consistent with the educational objectives of CTC and Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). CTC makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, for the computers, computer systems and Internet access it provides.

  • CTC shall not be responsible for any damages users suffer, including but not limited to loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in service.
  • CTC shall not be responsible for the accuracy, nature or quality of information gathered through removable storage media, hard drives or servers; nor for the accuracy, nature or quality of information gathered through the provided Internet access.
  • CTC shall not be responsible for personal property used to access its computers or networks or for Technical College-provided Internet access.
  • CTC shall not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from provided access to the Internet.

Web Filtering:

In accordance with TCSG, and CTC Internet use polices, the below categories are blocked.

 Authenticated Users (This encompasses all CTC users; faculty/staff/students.)

  • Adult
  • Gambling   (GA Lottery is acceptable)
  • Porn
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Proxies
  • Spyware
  • Intolerance & Hate   
  • Phishing & Fraud   
  • Spam   
  • Tasteless & Offensive   
  • Terrorism   

These requirements are the MINIMUM categories. Additional filtering based on locally determined criteria may be invoked at CTC’s discretion and these guidelines can be revised based on changing information security requirements.  In addition, all web access is logged and is subject to review.

Occasional personal use of Internet connectivity that do not involve any inappropriate use as described above may occur, if permitted by CTC. Any such use should be brief, infrequent, and shall not interfere with User’s performance, duties and responsibilities.

The foregoing standards are equally applicable to students and employees of CTC.

Procedure for unblocking:

If you do come across a legitimate site that is blocked, please notify your instructor or Supervisor.  They can submit a justification to the CTC Information Security Administrator ( for the site so it can be documented and un-blocked. If a site is deemed questionable by the ISA, the request will be submitted to the appropriate Dean/Division Chair and/or Vice President for course of action.


Violations of these guidelines incur the same types of disciplinary measures as violations of other CTC guidelines or state or federal laws, including criminal prosecution.

CTC reserves the right to amend this guideline at its discretion. In case of amendments, users will be informed appropriately.