OCTA 2060 Physical Dysfunction & Treatment Methods

Introduces occupational therapy concepts related to physical dysfunction in different stages of the lifespan, along with techniques for the prevention or remediation of dysfunction. Encompasses OT concepts and principles in physical dysfunctions which emphasize purposeful activity and role function.  Focuses on OT intervention and assessment principles through practical applications.  Topics include: physical conditions commonly referred to occupational therapy; screening, evaluation, and standardized procedures for physical dysfunction intervention; participation in the development of the OT intervention plan; collaboration with OTR on initial intervention, implementation, re-evaluation and intervention termination; and procedures for documentation of treatment interventions with individuals with conditions causing physical dysfunction.  Topics include: assistance with data collection and documentation which includes administering standardized and non-standardized tests and assessment tools appropriate to the role of OTA in the practice area of physical dysfunction, contribution to the formation of OT goals and objectives on evaluation, therapeutic use of self in dyadic and group interactions, and provision of therapeutic interventions related to occupational performance areas in physical dysfunction.  

6 credits


OCTA 1010, OCTA 1020, and OCTA 1030