Students who have earned the GED (General Education Development or General Education Diploma) in Georgia may be eligible for a one-time award of $500.00 from the HOPE GED Grant. This award can be used toward tuition and fees, books and supplies, and other educational costs to attend any eligible postsecondary college. The student must be a GA resident as determined by the college and have a completed the aid application (FAFSA or GSFAPPS) in order to be eligible for the GED Grant. Award expires 24 consecutive months immediately following the date the GED diploma is awarded to the student. Students who earned a GED in GA may have been mailed a voucher for $500.00 noting this award. Students can submit that voucher to any financial aid office. If a student didn't receive the paper voucher via mail, he or she can simply notify the financial aid office, and the college can check with GSFC (GA Student Finance Commission) to determine eligibility. The physical paper voucher is not required.