Any student on SAP suspension may appeal to the SAP Appeals Committee. An appeal for reinstatement must be based on specific extenuating circumstances. Examples may include but are not limited to health reasons, family reasons, or personal reasons. The appeal statement of the student should explain the extenuating circumstances. Documentation supporting the extenuating circumstances must be submitted. Documentation may include one or more of the following: signed statement from a physician on letterhead, death certificate or newspaper obituary, signed statement from employer on letterhead, etc. The appeal form and procedures may be obtained on the CTC website under “Enrollment”, “Student Financial Services”, and then “Satisfactory Academic Progress.”

All appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee (FAAC). SAP appeal decisions are not guaranteed by the Fee Payment Deadline and students may have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed if financial aid is reinstated. 

If otherwise eligible, a student may be awarded financial aid for the semester in which the student regained SAP or for which an appeal was approved

The decision of the SAP Appeals Committee is final and cannot be appealed further. The FAAC will communicate with students via CTC email. 

A student may appeal SAP suspension more than once; however, financial aid may be reinstated only 1 time.

To regain eligibility for all financial aid, a student must be meeting the required standards.