Repeat Coursework and Title IV Aid

The college's goal is that a student be successful; however, we understand that a student may be required or elect to re-take a course either because of having to withdraw or in an attempt to better his or her grade. In general, all attempts of coursework appearing on a student's transcript affect SAP.

Federal Aid:

Only in certain situations can federal aid (Pell Grant) be used to pay for that repeated coursework.

A student can repeat a course (or its equivalency) an infinite number of times and receive federal aid only if all previous attempts resulted in an F on the student's record.

  1. Once a student passes a course (earned A, B, C, or D grade), he/she can retake the course a second time and receive federal aid (if eligible). Regardless of whether or not the second attempt is a pass or fail, the student cannot receive aid for another attempt. Ex. If the student earned a 'C' in a class and wants to attempt to earn an 'A' or 'B', a student may use Pell to pay for the class. If the student earns a 'B', he may not use federal aid in a third attempt to try and earn the 'A'.
  2. A student cannot receive aid for any repetition of a previously passed course due to the student failing other coursework.

State Aid:

A student is limited related to how much state aid (HOPE Grant/Scholarship, Zell Miller Grant/Scholarship) by the number of credit hours that he or she has attempted and by the number of credit hours for which one of those state funding sources has paid. 

That being said, each attempt of a course pushes that student toward his or her maximum, so there is no limit, per se, to the number of times a student may receive payment from state sources. Keep in mind, however, each attempt gets a student closer to reaching his or her 'maximum time frame' related to SAP--which could cause loss of all aid.