How to Apply

Each year, Chattahoochee Technical College provides entry points at the start of Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Term. Students may apply for any semester to begin their studies. Fall Semester classes typically begin in August; Spring Semester classes typically begin in January; Summer Term classes typically begin in June. Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for actual start and end dates for each semester and term as these dates vary each year.


Application Deadline

Applications for a given semester must be submitted and received by the posted application deadline for your target semester of entry. Applications must be submitted online via the college website. The posted application deadline is for all documents and admission requirements including but not limited to: the application, application fee, and transcripts. Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for actual deadline dates for your target semester of entry. Note: the Office of Admissions firmly adheres to all posted deadlines, which are subject to change.


Application Types

Depending on your education history and college goals, there will be different application steps and documentation requirements. Please determine which of the below best describes your situation and then refer to the appropriate section that follows for steps on how to apply.

Beginning Student: If you have never attended a postsecondary institution before, or you have attended Chattahoochee Technical College as a Dual Enrollment student while in high school.

Dual Enrollment Student: If you are currently in high school and wish to earn college credits prior to high-school graduation.

International Student: If you are or intend to be in the United States for educational purposes and hold or need assistance with obtaining a student visa (M-1 or F-1).

Non-Degree-Seeking Student: If you are seeking to further your education by enrolling in a select number of courses but are not seeking to complete a degree/diploma/certificate program.

Returning Student: If you have attended Chattahoochee Technical College before (includes having attended Appalachian Technical College or North Metro Technical College prior to the merge of these institutions with Chattahoochee Technical College in 2009).

Transfer Student: If you have attempted course credits at a regionally accredited postsecondary institution.

Transient Student: If you are currently attending another college or university and wish to take a course (or courses) at Chattahoochee Technical College and have those credits transfer back to your home institution.