Chattahoochee Technical College requires applicants to provide documentation of previous academic experience prior to admission.

High School Diploma: A high school diploma, GED, or approved high school equivalency assessment (verified by an official transcript, including graduation date) will be required for admission to the college for the vast majority of academic programs. High school diplomas from unaccredited institutions, certificates of attendance, or special education diplomas (including similar credentials with other names) are not recognized for admission purposes. High school diplomas must have been awarded by a secondary school that is accredited by an agency included in the Technical College System of Georgia’s list of approved accreditation agencies.


Homeschool Graduates

Applicants who graduated from a homeschool must submit annual progress reports or a final transcript for the equivalent of the their junior and senior years of high school. The progress report or transcript should include the graduation date. 


General Educational Development (GED) or Approved High School Equivalency Assessment

Individuals who do not meet the above requirements may be admitted to the college by obtaining a GED or completing an approved high school equivalency assessment. Submission of an official GED transcript or an official transcript from an approved high school equivalency assessment would be required.


Service members of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy

Veterans of these military branches may submit an official copy of their DD Form 214 indicating them as a high school graduate or equivalent.


College Transcripts: If you are currently attending or have previously attended one or more regionally accredited colleges or universities, you should submit an official transcript from each institution attended. In specific situations, all transcripts may not be required; speak to an Admissions Counselor for more information. Students who have earned an associate degree or higher from a regionally-accredited institution or successfully completed (C or better) a minimum of 30 semester or 45 quarter hours at the degree level from a regionally accredited institution, may be exempt from the requirement of submitting high school, homeschool, GED or approved high school equivalency assessment documentation.




International transcripts or diplomas must be evaluated by an approved evaluation service.

Any costs associated with submitting official transcripts (high school, GED, high school equivalency assessment, international, or other college) for admission at Chattahoochee Technical College are at the discretion of the sending institution or evaluation agency and are the sole responsibility of the applicant.