Admission Classifications

Regular Admission Status


Students who meet all requirements for admission into a selected program and are eligible to take all courses in the program curriculum (provided class pre- and corequisites are satisfied) are granted regular admission status.

Provisional Admission Status


Students who do not meet all requirements (e.g., have not satisfied the high school transcript academic requirement) for regular admission into a selected program are granted provisional admission status.  

Special Admission/Non-Degree Seeking Status

Non-degree/diploma seeking applicants may be given special admission status within the following parameters:

  1. Student will be classified as non-award-seeking at time of entry.
  2. Student may receive up to 17 semester credit hours toward a specific Chattahoochee Technical College degree/diploma program while in this status.
  3. Prerequisite and co-requisite course requirements apply when selecting courses in this status.
  4. Assessment may be required.
  5. Students admitted under special admission/non-degree seeking status are ineligible for all forms of financial aid.

Special admission/non-degree seeking status students may apply for regular admission status for a future term; however, the number of hours taken under this status in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process. It is the student's responsibility to change from special admission/non-degree seeking status to regular admission.





Transient Status

Students who submit a Transient Agreement Letter from their home institution are granted Transient admission status. The Transient Agreement Letter should list the courses the student is approved to take. A current Transient Agreement Letter is required for each term of enrollment.