Learning Support Courses

Students whose test scores or transcripts indicate a lack of academic preparation for a program of study are enrolled in Learning Support (LS) courses.  Learning Support courses carry institutional credit but do not apply toward graduation or a student’s grade point average (GPA).  In all LS courses, emphasis is placed on improvement of writing skills, understanding and performance in reading, numerical/arithmetic skills, beginning and elementary algebra. Grades in all LS courses are recorded using A*, B*, C*, or F* only where the “*” indicates the grade assigned was a learning support course grade.  Incompletes are not allowed in learning support courses. Learning Support courses can be taken in two ways at the college.

Regular LS courses are called ENGL0090, MATH0090, and READ0090. Students may take any of these LS courses alone or with other courses where the students meet eligibility requirements. Students register themselves for regular LS courses.

Co-requisite LS courses are called ENGL0090B, MATH0090B, and READ0090B. These courses must be taken simultaneously with at least one credit-bearing course. For example, a student must take ENGL0090B and ENGL1101 at the same time. Students interested in co-requisite LS courses need to speak with their Academic Advisor, and students may need assistance with the registration process for co-requisite LS courses.