RNSG 2125 Adult Health Nursing II: Advanced Nursing Concepts

Adult Health Nursing II:  Advanced Nursing Concepts is designed to have students demonstrate the three components of nursing judgment in the management of care of clients with diagnoses related to the cardiac, respiratory, renal, immune, and  hematological systems. Other content includes chronic health conditions, trauma, disability, burns, palliative care, community health, and bioterrorism. Pharmacotherapeutics related to the identified diagnoses will also be included.   Essential skills and roles of the nurse will be expanded upon to include a higher level of evidenced-based practice, health teaching and health promotion, quality and safety, and teamwork and collaboration.  Students will provide holistic care to clients from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Clinical learning experiences will take place in a variety of acute care and community settings.

9 credits


Program Admission, RNSG 2115, RNSG 2123